Drive By Photoshopping

Its Celebrities on the red carpet day! Ya know, because they weren’t singled out enough by being on the red carpet.  A couple of them, Robert Downey Jr. in particular, look like they are in some weird Lego like suspended animation.

It’s PAINTINGS DAY! Paintings by people way more talented than I am. AI thought a tribute of sorts to a few of the pieces that stuck out in my mind would be good.

Today is MUPPET DAY! Plenty of puppets out there but you can always tell when it’s a Muppet, there is just something special about them.

I’m a little late with today’s post (dad’s birthday and associated activities)but it’s VIDEO GAME DAY! These are just a precious few of my favorites.

It’s….STAR WARS DAY! (I wish I had done this on May 4th.) I thought placing a significant logo associated with each character would be cool. I think it turned out well!

It’s STAR TREK DAY! Kirk, Spock, Picard, and Wesley and his sweater.

It’s PET DAY for brick pictures! The three dogs are at my house, while the cat is a friends. Incidentally the original image of the Delain (the cat) is copyrighted to RJ Photography! Below is a link to his Redbubble site!

SCI-FI SHOW DAY! Starting with one of my favorites, FIREFLY!

It’s WEBCOMICS DAY! Well, a few of the ones I read every day anyway.


The two comic property pictures were what I WANTED to do yesterday, but I encountered problems getting it done. There was supposed to be a whole theme, iconic symbols etc etc.